A culture of integrity

We aim for corporate governance founded on fairness, trust, transparency, and accountability that will help foster long-term investment, financial stability, business integrity, and the overall competitiveness of the organization. These principles are laid down in internal company policies that support stronger business growth and optimize value to shareholders. 

Working with the Communities 

Giving back to the community starts even before our solar farms are installed. The business itself is set up to promote development in the countryside. Providing employment to the communities close to the project sites is at the heart of our manpower program, which continually combs the villages for talents capable of joining our team. As our farms generate livelihood for people in the communities, they boost the local economy and help stem the tide of workers leaving their hometowns. Our corporate social responsibility also finds various expressions in outreach activities that employees organize and actively take part in as part of continued efforts to build and nurture connections with the villages around our project sites. In selecting our corporate social responsibility initiatives, we jump at opportunities to help sow the seeds of broader awareness of renewable energy in communities even as we partner with them on various other concerns such as career development, tree planting, school maintenance campaigns, and gift-giving.